Rental of Dump Trucks or Containers for Rubble and Caliche.

Posted on April 15, 2024April 15, 2024

It keeps waste contained, preventing its spread and the spilling of any liquids it may contain, giving an image of sanitation and hygiene in its work. The container or dump truck avoids handling waste since it is the final place where you will deposit it.

We also have dump trucks with lids, which allow total sealability for the containment of waste, thus containing not only the spread of waste but also bad odours and the possible concentration of germs and insects. It also prevents rain from wetting the waste. This system is excellent for use in condominiums and industries, where waste must be contained for a certain time.

Flexibility in times

Our system allows you to manage your time since once you request the container or dump truck, you will have three days from its installation to fill it, although this period may be extended depending on your needs. Therefore, you will no longer depend on a truck or pickup to remove your waste because you will only have to call the company and request the removal of the container. With this simple method, you will mark and plan the waste accumulation, deposit and collection times.

Load splitting

With the system we propose, you no longer need to stow or store waste at your work, industry, home, or condominium since you can fill the dump trucks according to your needs and request its removal immediately.

In addition, its size allows it to be deposited on public roads, as it occupies the space of a parked car. Filling it is easy, as its height allows an operator to throw the waste without climbing a ladder.

Work independence

You no longer depend on a third party to continue your work. You will have the container at your disposal when needed and for as long as needed. When you fill the dump truck, you ignore the problem because our company takes care of the rest with a pickup call. It is worth highlighting the punctuality with which the dump truck is delivered and removed. This allows for clearing obstacles on the construction site whenever you want and is an efficient cleaning task.

Space and work gained.

You will only occupy just enough space to accumulate waste, avoiding its spread, constant change of location, and the massive and useless occupation of your land. You will also avoid paying labour or machinery to collect said waste from the ground since you will introduce it directly into the container without further movement. If this container is placed on public roads, you will gain space in your work to allow better circulation and obtain an excellent image of cleanliness.


With less money, you will find several solutions; you will no longer have extra, parallel or unforeseen expenses regarding waste treatment, storage and disposal.